Spirirtual Test

Life:Spiritual Type test

You are a Prophet,
a crusader with a kingdom spirituality. You experience God best through
serving others. You value competence and knowledge, and are good at
leading and influencing others. Prophets are devoted to their causes,
often becoming assertive and aggressive as you implement a vision of
the world as God’s kingdom on earth. You are our heroic change agents
and we admire you for that. Single-minded and deeply focused, you
aren’t content until society has been transformed.

Prophets are the least represented spiritual type in the general
population. You also are the hardest spiritual type to be around,
mainly because you make the rest of us feel guilty for not having the
same zeal for change that you do. We admire you for sacrificing your
personal life for your hope of the kingdom realized on earth, but we
are uncomfortable around martyrs.

You have a courageous and sturdy idealism that takes
responsibility for change. But, your passion for transforming society
can lead you to become impatient with congregations and their perceived
lack of concern. You fit best in a hospitable, like-minded community
that shares your vision.

Nevertheless, be careful not to become so involved in your
cause that you neglect your inner life. Attend as much to your inner
life as outer life. One will nourish the other.

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Famous Prophets:

Mother Teresa | Ralph Nader | John Calvin

Lucy (Peanuts) | Rosa Parks | Dorothy Day

Joan of Arc | Monica Geller | Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jeremiah | Malcolm X | Ghandi

Indigo Girls | Gandalf | Oprah Winfrey

Read about some Saints who were Prophets


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